Tyler Keillor - Paleontological Reconstructions - tylerkeillor@gmail.com


About Tyler

Tyler Keillor has been preparing fossils, creating skeletal restorations, and sculpting flesh reconstructions of prehistoric life at the University of Chicago and other institutions since 2001.  A life-long love of natural history, and a mission to combine art and science, have driven Tyler as he continues to create paleontological reconstructions for researchers, museums, exhibitions, publishers, filmmakers, and collectors around the world.


Skull and skeletal restorations - traditional and digital

If your specimen is disarticulated, partially weathered, missing bones, or otherwise incomplete, I can build a restored skull model or skeletal elements for display.  Using casts or prototyped data from the original fossils, I’ll reassemble the skull and sculpt the lost anatomy to enhance the impact of your announcement, press release, or exhibition.

Flesh reconstructions - traditional and digital

A life-model can be one of the most powerful visual means of conveying your discovery to the public. Starting with a restored skull, and using extensive comparative anatomical reference from extant and extinct taxa, I can sculpt a richly detailed and convincingly lifelike bust to accompany your announcement, press release, or exhibition.

Image use

Prior to museum installation, I’ve taken my sculptures to primeval outdoor locations, lush conservatories, and indoor settings, to photograph from interesting angles and lighting situations.  My photos capture a spark of life, and are available to make compelling illustrations in press releases, documentaries, magazine articles, popular science books, and textbooks. 

Teaching, consultation and presentations

I’ve enjoyed sharing my experiences and techniques with those needing assistance or demonstration.  From museum consultation to scout-group presentation, I can bring my expertise to bear on the challenge. 


Living Ofrenda Productions

I'm extremely excited to be collaborating on an amazing new project - not yet public - for which I've been helping to create digital concept art, prototypes, maquettes, digital sculptures, and some life-size models.  Stay tuned for more updates, this will be huge!  ;-)